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This form is for businesses that already have an account with Springs Window Fashions. If your account has an administrator for this site, have them add you through the Manage Profile function. Otherwise, follow the procedure listed below:
  1. Enter data in the form below. (Be sure to remember your password because it will not be included in your confirmation).
  2. Click the "Send Request" button.
  3. An e-mail will be sent to a Customer Service Representative who will verify the data and set up the login.
  4. A return e-mail will be sent from the Customer Service Representative notifying you that the login is ready to use.


For companies that will have multiple users, you will need to establish at least one account administrator (your company can internally determine who it's administrator should be, however, we suggest that it be a owner or manager).The administrator will have the ability to add additional logins/users, reset passwords (in case someone forgets or would like to change theirs) and set user permissions for the site's functional areas (Order Status, Account Status, etc.) and the pricing data.
The administrator is additionally responsible for deleting users that leave their company, as well as ensuring that access to the site is not given to anyone other than individuals doing business with Springs Window Fashions, LLC.

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